Church Policy


At GHBC we try to follow best practice in the way we conduct our business and events to allow everyone to develop to the best of their abilities while keeping safe. To this end we have written and follow policies in a number of key areas as well as some guidance notes, we provide them here for your reference. Our policies are generally reviewed at the church members meeting each year, where applicable they are based on foundation documents provided by the Baptist Union.

Further Information:
Access this URL (SafeGuardingPolicyStatement2019_V1)SafeGuardingPolicyStatement2019_V1[Safeguarding Policy]0 kB
Download this file (HealthSafetyPolicy.pdf)HealthSafetyPolicy.pdf[Health & Safety Policy]118 kB
Access this URL (GHBC_Photography_Policy.pdf)GHBC_Photography_Policy.pdf[Photography Policy]69 kB
Access this URL (GHBC_Social_Networking_Guidance.pdf)GHBC_Social_Networking_Guidance.pdf[Use of Social Networking Guidelines]27 kB
Download this file (GHBCDataProtectionPolicy.pdf)GHBCDataProtectionPolicy.pdf[Data Protection policy]226 kB
Download this file (TheDataRegister.pdf)TheDataRegister.pdf[GHBC Data Register]272 kB
Download this file (ChurchNoticeBoardUse.pdf)ChurchNoticeBoardUse.pdf[Notice board usage rules]246 kB
Download this file (BreastfeedingPolicy2017.pdf)BreastfeedingPolicy2017.pdf[Breastfeeding Policy]149 kB