About Us

GHBC 1Gorse Hill Baptist Church is an exciting vibrant church in the centre of Swindon. We believe that God has called each of us to impact those around us, and as a church, the local community.

Amongst us you will find teachers, nurses, business people, security guards, car workers, secretaries, doctors, policemen, students and school children. You will find mums and dads, singles, pensioners, people just like yourself. All these people go to make up the family of Gorse Hill Baptist Church.

The church is not a building or an institution, but a group of people who base their lives on their relationship with God. They have decided to make Jesus Christ the foundation of their lives and not just a decoration or ‘add-on’.

Find out more about our church by exploring this web site, the menu above directs you to more information about the church.

Each year we are required to submit a report to the Charity Commission. Our last three reports are also available here, they give a good insight into our activities in years past.

Further Information
Download this file (AnnualReport2022.pdf)AnnualReport2022.pdf[2022 Annual Report]1680 kB
Download this file (AnnualReport2021.pdf)AnnualReport2021.pdf[2021 Annual Report]3561 kB
Download this file (AnnualReport2020.pdf)AnnualReport2020.pdf[2020 Annual Report]1329 kB