Declaration of Faith


As Members of Gorse Hill Baptist Church we subscribe to our Declaration of Faith. We believe in:

  • The full inspiration of the Old and New Testament Scriptures; their authority and sufficiency as not only containing, but being in themselves, the Word of God; and being fully trustworthy for faith and conduct; the need of the teaching of the Holy Spirit to a true and spiritual understanding of the whole.
  • The unity of the one true God who lives eternally and co-equally in three persons the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit; the Sovereignty of God in Creation, Providence and Redemption.
  • A personal Devil, the instigator of all evil.
  • The corruption of human nature in consequence of the Fall, and the necessity for a new birth.
  • The true and proper Deity of our Lord Jesus Christ; His virgin birth; His real and perfect manhood; the authority of His teaching, and the infallibility of all His words; His dying in our place, paying the price for sin and defeating evil, so reconciling us to God; His bodily resurrection and His ascension into Heaven; and His present priestly intercession for His people at the right hand of the Father.
  • The justification of the sinner solely by the grace of God through faith in Jesus Christ.
  • The necessity of the ministry of God the Holy Spirit, who leads us to repentance, unites us with Christ through new birth, empowers our discipleship and enables our ministry, worship and witness.
  • The sacrament of Believers Baptism by immersion, as being instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ, not as conveying the new birth by grace, but as confession of the new birth.
  • The sacrament of the Lord's Supper as being instituted by our Lord Jesus Christ, in remembrance of His death and resurrection, and binding upon all believers. Not as being a sacrifice for sin, nor involving any changes in the substance of the bread and wine.
  • The personal return of the Lord Jesus Christ in glory.
  • The resurrection of the body; the judgement of the world by our Lord Jesus Christ, with eternal life for the redeemed and eternal condemnation for the lost.