Mid Summer Teaching - Get Plugged In

getpluggedinStanding on the mountain top and looking around is a great way of seeing where the road ahead might be leading. The thing is, we’ll get nowhere unless we come down from the heights and set off on the road into 2019 and beyond.

We grow more from participation than we do from observation. It isn’t enough just to dip our toes in the spiritual water - perseverance (keeping on) is a means by which we get closer to Christ. Not controlled by our past but learning through experience, we look forward with single minded purpose to where Christ is leading us.

Over the course of the next few weeks we’ll be looking at what it means to live as believers on the front line. Authentic faith is vital: we can’t expect to lead others to Christ unless we know who He is and understand what He has done for us.

Disciple Makers - Exciting Course @ Bristol Baptist College

Bristol Baptist College are recruiting for the next group of Disciple Makers. The Disciple-Makers programme runs every Wednesday from September - May in Bristol, alongside their Ministerial Formation cohort. It’s designed for those exploring what their call to Christian service looks like, those who work for churches as Apprentices or in some other capacity, those who want to deepen their roots as Christians, or simply those who long to know and love God more, and can invest a day a week.

For more information see the Disciple Makers website and the documents attached below.

Further Information:
Download this file (DiscipleMakersFlyer.pdf)DiscipleMakersFlyer.pdf[Disciple Makers Flyer]519 kB

Paul & Sarah update

Paul & Sarah Brown have updated their blog, after a long break, they outline plans for their future as well as a number of prayer pointers. Please take time to read the blog and remember them in your prayers.

More updates about our supported missions and societies can be found from our Mission Page.