BoB Grand Prix Curry Night

image002Join us on Thursday 16th Nov for a night of Slot Car racing fuelled by one of Steve Robinson’s famous curries or Ross’s casserole (for those with more moderate taste). Bring your friends neighbours and work colleagues for an evening of hi-octane exhilaration and competition, complete with a pit stop meal. All this for only £2.50, arrival in pits at 7.30pm, first heats 7.45pm. Please let Nick or Matt know you are coming and how many friends, by 12th November, and whether curry or casserole.

Paul & Sarah update

Paul & Sarah Brown have updated their blog giving of some fantastic developments concerning the bakery and the ladies who help run it. As well as a number of prayer pointers. Please take time to read the blog and remember them in your prayers.

More updates about our supported missions and societies can be found from our Mission Page.

Sunday Worship Autumn 2017

Don’t let the world around you squeeze you into its own mould.

When J B Philips first wrote these words as a modern translation of Romans 12 verse 2, he was working as a Vicar in the East End of London. It was wartime but already people were looking forward to a brave new world free from conflict, where everyone would be a valued member of a new Kingdom.

Centre Mokili Update

Martin and Annet recently heard from John Mokili, who is based in the USA and helps support Centre Mokili. John reports that the water pump purchased by his home church has been stuck in Kinshasa since August and they still seek a way to get it shipped on to Kisangani. In addition the DRC water company, Regideso, is not helping with the water situation. However even if the pump arrived, funds are required to help install plumbing, an electricity supply and a generator, the latter being required as the electricity supply can be intermittent.

Please pray that the required funds will be found.

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