Church Transistion Pack

As GHBC prepares for interregnum and starts its search for a new full time minister, we have to prepare a number of documents. These are to tell prospective ministers about the church, who we are, what we do, and about the type of person we are looking for.

The church will have a say in what these documents contain. This article references these documents as they exist at present. If you have any comments about any of them please get in touch, don't forget to include your contact details so we can contact you with any questions we may have about your comment.


Further Information:
Download this file (MembersUpdateMay22-ChurchTransitionVFinal.pdf)MembersUpdateMay22-ChurchTransitionVFinal.pdf[Our transition plans and status]4779 kB
Download this file (GHBC values2022-05-16.pdf)GHBC values2022-05-16.pdf[Our values]220 kB
Download this file (Profile2022-05-16.pdf)Profile2022-05-16.pdf[Our church profile]316 kB
Download this file (Person_profile-2022-Draft.pdf)Person_profile-2022-Draft.pdf[Who we are looking for]108 kB
Download this file (PVLFormforChurches.pdf)PVLFormforChurches.pdf[PVL form]217 kB
Download this file (WebnetSettlementCovenantForm.pdf)WebnetSettlementCovenantForm.pdf[Webnet Covenant]86 kB