Conditions for the Use of the Church Premises


means Gorse Hill Baptist Church (including its members and regular attendees)
means the organisation or person responsible for the booking and normally arranging and paying for the booking.
means the responsible person present at the accommodation belonging to the Church during the booking representing the Hirer (if different from the Hirer).
  1. Fees - The agreed fee for the use of the accommodation for “ad hoc” bookings must be paid in advance of the hiring, together with the required deposit. The deposit will be refunded within twenty one days of the hiring unless there has been any damage to the accommodation, furniture, fixtures, fittings or equipment for which the User is responsible and in which case the Church shall be entitled to retain the whole or part of the deposit as security for the cost of rectifying such damage. The Church reserves the right to retain all or part of any deposit if these Conditions are contravened. Regular bookings, which are invoiced, should be paid within twenty-one days of the invoice date. The Church reserves the right to refuse access, suspend or cancel bookings if amounts remain unpaid.
  2. Control of Premises - The Church retains control, possession and management of the accommodation and the User has no right to exclude the Church from the premises during the booking. The User acknowledges that the Church or other Users may be present in the building at the same time (except for the rooms hired) and agrees that they will not interfere or restrict the enjoyment of other parties. The Hirer acknowledges that this arrangement is not intended to confer exclusive possession and that no tenancy is intended or will be created.
  3. Damage - The User is responsible for all damage (other than fair wear and tear) to the accommodation, furniture, fixtures, fittings or equipment which is caused in whatever way by their use of the accommodation. Any such damage (in the reasonable opinion of the Lettings Coordinator) to the property and equipment belonging to the Church must be paid for by the Hirer.
  4. Use of Accommodation - The accommodation may only be used by the Hirer / User for the proposed activity and period indicated on the Room Hire Application Form (or as otherwise indicated) submitted to the Church. Any preparation time must be hired and Users must vacate the premises at the end of the booked time. The Church reserves the right to charge the appropriate hourly rate plus 10% for any bookings that commence prior to or exceed the booked time. Only those rooms hired are to be used. The Hirer acknowledges that no warranty is given by the Church Trustees that the premises are legally or physically suitable for the User’s purpose.
  5. Alternative Accommodation and Cancellation - The Church is entitled at any time on giving reasonable notice where possible, to the Hirer or User, to require the User to transfer to alternative accommodation within the building. If this is not reasonably possible then the booking will be cancelled by the Church and no fee is payable, or any fees already paid will be refunded in full. Occasionally it may be necessary for either party to cancel the booking, on giving reasonable notice where possible. If cancelled by the Church no fee is payable or any fees paid will be refunded in full. If the Hirer cancels with less than 7 days notice before the booking, the Church reserves the right to recover the costs of the hiring fee and administration.
  6. Leaving the premises - After use of the accommodation it must be left in a clean and tidy condition with all furniture and equipment left in the same position as at the commencement of the hiring. The contents of rooms are not necessarily fixed or set up in a particular way and the general principle is to leave the room as it was found. Please take with you all bigger quantities and items of waste especially packaging material. The User must ensure that all lights and taps are turned off throughout the building and all windows and doors properly secured at the end of the hire. During the hire the User must ensure that no unauthorised persons are admitted into the Church buildings.
  7. Food and drink - The User must ensure that during the use of the accommodation no person smokes on the premises and that no alcohol is supplied or consumed. If food is to be prepared using the oven then the kitchen must be hired, but this does not necessarily give exclusive use and the User must allow other parties reasonable limited use. It is not permitted to use the photocopier or phone (except in an emergency) without the prior written agreement of the Lettings Coordinator.
  8. Storage - The User must not leave in the accommodation any equipment, furniture or other articles of any kind, unless by prior written agreement from the Lettings Coordinator. The Church reserves the right to charge a separate fee for the provision of any such specified and agreed storage facilities. The Church will not accept liability for any stored items and reserves the right to change and/or discontinue the provision of storage facilities. They Hirer / User will not disturb or use items stored in the cupboards not belonging to them except for tables and chairs which are stored in the cupboards.
  9. Defects - The User has a responsibility to notify the Lettings Coordinator of any defect in the accommodation, fixtures, fittings, furniture or equipment within two days of the hire.
  10. Health and Safety - The User will comply with the provisions of the Church’s Health and Safety policy (available in the Facilities Pack or from the Lettings Coordinator) and will ensure that all those using the accommodation are aware of the appropriate safety procedures.
  11. Child Protection - Where the accommodation is to be used by children, the User agrees to comply with the Government’s guidelines set out in the document “Safe from Harm” and will ensure that minors are supervised at all times. The use of hard balls is not permitted in any part of the building due to potential damage but soft balls may be used under proper supervision.
  12. First Aid - the User will comply with the Church's First Aid policy and will be responsible for any first aid provision required and will be responsible for use the appropriate medical services if and when required.
  13. Noise - The User will be mindful of our neighbours by not making undue noise especially later in the evening and by taking care when using our car park especially talking and slamming doors.
  14. Responsibility - The Hirer agrees that the Church accepts no responsibility for injury or loss to person or property, including damage or theft relating to vehicles in the Church car park, arising out of the use of the accommodation, apart from such injury or loss which arises from the Church’s responsibility for the general maintenance of the accommodation. The Hirer will keep the Church Trustees indemnified against any claims for which the Church is not responsible.
  15. Insurance / Indemnity - The Hirer is responsible for insuring their property and equipment. The Hirer is also responsible for arranging insurance for public and third party liability in respect of the event(s) being held and will produce evidence of insurance cover if so required to the Church. In the event that the Hirer fails to arrange insurance or has inadequate insurance, then the Hirer indemnifies the Church Trustees for any claims, losses or expenses which are not the responsibility of the Church Trustees but of the Hirer.
  16. Licences - It is the Hirer’s responsibility to obtain any licences or consents required for the Hirer’s use. The Hirer is responsible for compliance with such licences and any other legal requirements.
  17. Fees - Hire fees will be charged in accordance with the latest rates. The Lettings Coordinator reserves the right to determine whether community rates apply or not. For regular bookings the hire rates will be reviewed and may increase normally on 1 April each year.
  18. Refusal and Termination - The Church reserves the right to refuse any bookings without giving a reason. The Church may terminate any bookings at its absolute discretion, by giving reasonable notice to the Hirer. The Church may also terminate any bookings immediately if there is a breach of these Conditions by the Hirer.
  19. Changes to Conditions - The Church reserves the right to change these Conditions at any time and all subsequent use and bookings will be deemed to be on the latest Conditions. A revised copy will be given to all regular Users as soon as possible and will also be included in the Facilities Pack available from the Lettings Coordinator.