Next Members Meeting

The members meet to discuss and decide the church's future actions and directions, it is important that church members attend in order to ensure everyone gets their say.

Our Annual General Meeting will vote for new deacons, affirm our teams and their leaders and review our year in 2019.

Agenda items can be added up to 6:30pm on the day of the meeting. Please contact Steve if you have a topic to discuss that is not shown below.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please speak to Steve.

Date: 24th September 2020, Time: 7:30pm, Venue:Sanctuary or via Zoom.

Below is the agenda to be followed:


1. Devotions    Steve Robinson
2. Minutes of the previous AGM   Shirley Westall
3. Diaconate election results   Steve Robinson
4. Pastor’s Report   Steve Robinson
5. Treasurer’s Report   Ian Burbidge
       Annual Report 2019    
       Expenditure Limits    
       Appointment of Independent Examiners    
6. Affirm Safeguarding Policy    Christine

The Election of Deacons will be via Postal, or Online Vote only. If you have received your online voter information you may vote straight away. All votes must be returned by 7:30pm Sunday 20th September, only votes cast will count toward the election.

Nominations for deacon are as follows:

Nominated   Proposer   Seconder
Julie Harris   Ian Burbidge   Shirley Westall
Vicki Payn   Heather Prictor   Mark Harris
Adam Sibley   Ian Burbidge   Liz Mildenhall
Rebecca Tromans   Tina Clements   Liz Mildenhall

Access to the building

Entry will be by Cricklade Road only. You’ll be asked for your name and address for Track and Trace. Please arrive early to allow time for seating. If you’re coming with others from your household, arrive in household groups/bubbles to allow us to arrange seating more easily, minimising the space lost to social distancing. It may not be possible to sit together if your group arrives separately.

Come warmly dressed as we will ensure that the sanctuary is well ventilated. The toilets will be open but we ask that you try to avoid them if possible.

The meeting will last for no more than one hour, after which you should leave the building as the Stewards direct. We will invite comments from the floor as usual but we will need you to use a microphone. Please keep all contributions brief to allow others to join in where possible.

Access by Zoom

We expect to be able to show the full proceedings and allow Zoom attendees to fully participate. We will need to know how many members are present by submitting the names of those participating via the chat function. Questions will be possible, when asked to speak you will be heard in the sanctuary. A functioning webcam allows those in the sanctuary to see you.

Some of the documents for this meeting are restricted to members only. If you are a church member, please login to access them, contact the webmaster if you don't yet have your username.

Further Information:
Download this file (AGMMinutes250419.pdf)AGMMinutes250419.pdf[AGM Meeting Minutes April 2019]80 kB
Download this file (202009AGMVisionUpdate.pdf)202009AGMVisionUpdate.pdf[Vision Update]611 kB
Access this URL (AnnualReport.pdf)AnnualReport.pdf[Annual report]0 kB
Download this file (TeamStructure281019x.pdf)TeamStructure281019x.pdf[Team Leaders]117 kB
Download this file (Membersletterandvoting.pdf)Membersletterandvoting.pdf[Letter sent to members]247 kB