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Sun, Aug 22, 2021
Passage: Exodus 15:26
Series: Names of God
22-Aug AM; Exodus 15:26
Sun, Jul 04, 2021
04-Jul AM; Esther 6
Sun, May 16, 2021
Passage: Luke 11:1-13
16-May AM; Luke 11v1-13
Sun, Mar 21, 2021
21-Mar AM; Mark 10: 35 - 52
Sun, Feb 21, 2021
21-Feb AM; Luke 3:21-22; Luke 4:1-13
Sun, Feb 07, 2021
07-Feb AM; 1 Timothy 1: 12 - 20
Sun, Dec 27, 2020
27 Dec AM; Matt 2:1-12
Sun, Nov 22, 2020
22-Nov AM; John 8: 31 - 41
Sun, Oct 11, 2020
Passage: Nehemiah 1
11-Oct AM; Nehemiah 1
Sun, Aug 16, 2020
16-Aug AM; Acts 3:11 - 25
Sun, Jun 28, 2020
28 June AM;
Sun, May 10, 2020
10-May AM; Matt 5:3-19
Sun, Apr 26, 2020
26-Apr AM; Luke 24: 13 - 53
Mon, Mar 23, 2020
Passage: Psalms 22
Duration: 41 mins 16 secs
22 Mar 2020AM; Psalm 22
Sun, Jan 19, 2020

When you're facing your worst nightmare it's very hard to stand still. The last thing on your mind is probably a face off especially if you are afraid of the issue itself or the possible consequences.

Trusting God brings perspective to any situation. It may not bring about an immediate solution but it does remind us that we are not on our own. God is not just in our corner but actively looking after us.

Sun, Dec 15, 2019
15-Dec AM; Isaiah 35: 1 - 10
Sun, Nov 24, 2019
Passage: Luke 11:1-13
Series: Try Praying

The wonderful thing about prayer is that it never remains unanswered. There may be times when we do not get the answer or response we want or are expecting. Then, God's reply to our enquiry helps us to learn more about ourselves, our circumstances and Him.

Sun, Oct 27, 2019
Passage: James 5:13-15
Series: Try Praying

Living out our real faith in the real world is often risky and scary. If we aren’t willing to take risky steps of faith in our lives and in our prayers, we will never know just how much God loves us to ask Him for help for ourselves and others and we will never experience the power of God at work in our lives.

The challenge is to be people who say “yes” when God asks us to do something and get on and do it - even when we don’t know how that will “pan out”

Sun, Sep 15, 2019
Passage: John 14:13
Series: Try Praying
15-Sep AM; John 14:13
Sun, Aug 18, 2019

I have a friend who wonders if prayer works