Sun, Jul 07, 2019

Harmony restored

We all hope, we all dream, for all kinds of things. Some dream of a changed world, a world where we are not judged by others for the colour of our skin, nor by the money in our bank account, nor by the accent we use nor even by the nature of our theology, just by the quality and the extent of our character.

Which among us does not long, hope, does not dare to look for a world that is vastly different than the one we now live in? Which one of us does not dare to hope that today will be something special, far better than it has ever been?

Isaiah was right about the tender shoot. We do not base our lives on a vague hope, but a rooted one in Jesus Christ. It is concrete and real, and personal. For the Christian, hope is not simply a luxury, or an option. It is a duty. A way of life. To be a pilgrim on the journey of faith means we are always moving from desert to Promised Land, from exile to the kingdom, from wilderness to the manger, from the cross to the empty tomb, from hopelessness to possibility, from ordinary time to eternity.