AGM 2021

We are approaching our AGM for 2021. Below is the time table for the different stages of preparation. If you wish to nominate a church member as a deacon or need a postal vote, please note the dates below.

The time table for each stage is:

25 Apr 2021 Close of Nominations
02 May 2021 Postal vote papers available
16 May 2021 Final date for return of Postal Votes
20 May 2021 AGM (7:30pm)

There are three vacancies for the diaconate, plus one for each of Treasurer and Secretary. Nomination forms are attached below along with the document "So what is a deacon?" and other useful information. Nomination forms need to be seconded and written approval of the nominated person.

The retiring deacon is Lars. Shirley and Ian are willing to be re-nominated.

Further Information:
Download this file (GHBCNominationForm.pdf)GHBCNominationForm.pdf[Deacon Nomination Form]64 kB
Access this URL (LeadershipSoWhatIsaDeacon)LeadershipSoWhatIsaDeacon[So What Is A Deacon?]0 kB
Access this URL (Guideline_Leaflet_C15.aspx)Guideline_Leaflet_C15.aspx[BU Help I'm a Charity Trustee]0.1 kB
Access this URL (GHBCconstitution)GHBCconstitution[Church Constitution]0 kB
Access this URL (GHBC Local Rules)GHBC Local Rules[Church Local Rules]0 kB