Melon Mission completes Christmas project

Give thanks that all work has now been competed at Melon Mission School, Kenya after our Christmas Project. The school looks great, see photos below.

Pray for the children and staff as the school is now closed. The children have little to help them learn as none will have electronic devices or access to the internet. A few may have one or two basic texbooks but most will not.

The most needy children come to the school weekly to be given food to cook at home (see photo of Damaris the social worker giving packs to children). These care packs give basic food (rice, beans etc), soap and tissues for a family of five.

In their shacks there is no opportunity for socially distancing, no running water and most share communal dry toilets with up to 50 others.

Please pray for safety, health, avoidance of violence and abuse for these children at this time and for the Meon Mission staff caring for them.