Church Life while Social Distancing

We may not be able to meet physically in the same way, but as a church we still aim to meet but in different ways, taking advantage of the technology available to us.

To help us maintain our spiritual lives while we are isolating ourselves from physical social events, GHBC is producing a set of daily reflections that will help us keep in touch with God. Starting today with the topic of 'Trusting God', a new study will be published each day. Check back on the Daily Reflections page on a regular basis, or if you prefer receive the study via email, just let the webmaster know.

For our Sunday Service we are setting up an exciting way for you to 'attend church' with Internet or phone access, expect to join in with prayers and a sermon. We will not be able to sing together, for many technical reasons, but even here we are planning to give you ways to access music to run alongside the service. Details on how this will work will be sent out shortly.

We are still expect to write a newsletter each week and email it to those who have asked for the email, if you would also like to receive this email let the editor know.

We also have a way for home groups to continue to meet, we will let your Home Group leader know about this in due course.

The church is ready to be active in the community providing help where and when required. If you know of someone in the Gorse Hill area that needs help we will arrange for their need to be met, perhaps fetching some shopping, a prescription or preparing a meal we are ready to help, contact our pastoral team and let them know what the need is.