AGM 2020

We are approaching our AGM for 2020. Below is the time table for the different stages of preparation. If you wish to nominate a church member as a deacon or need a postal vote, please note the dates below.

The time table for each stage is:

27 Feb 2020 Close of Nominations
01 Mar 2020 Postal vote papers available
15 Mar 2020 Final date for return of Postal Votes
19 Mar 2020 AGM (7:30pm)

There are five vacancies for the diaconate, in addition there is a vacancy for Church Secretary. Nomination forms are available from Shirley along with the document "So what is a deacon?". Nomination forms need to be seconded and written approval of the nominated person.

The retiring deacons are Tina, Kashi & Alison.

All deacons are expected to attend the away weekend 24-26th April. This is a vital time to build deaconate team relationships, integrating new deacons and deciding what is to be achieved in the next 12 months. If you are nominated, please keep this weekend free in your calendar.