Educación Plus June '18

Educación Plus have given us the following news and prayer pointers about themselves.

Please pray for the situation in neighbouring Nicaragua and how it is affecting the ministry of Educación Plus in Costa Rica.

Since April there have been demonstrations in Nicaragua against the government of president Daniel Ortega, whose violent response has been condemned by the Organization of American States, the UN and the European Parliament, among others. So far over 100 deaths, mainly of young people, have resulted with hundreds of others injured or “disappeared”.

EdPlus works with many Nicaraguan families in the shanty towns of Costa Rica, whose parents and grandparents escaped the civil war in the late 1980’s. Some returned as things improved. We are now receiving daily requests from friends who are stranded by shortage of food and medicines, or who are desperate to escape the new violence with their young families.

Please pray for wisdom and compassion as we deal with these requests and for the extra funds which will be needed to meet even some of them.