Educación Plus Prayer Pointers February

EPEducación Plus have sent us the following pointers for prayer into their current situation.

  • CostaRicaFeb18Give thanks for the girl’s camp; for safety in travel and all the activities, for the time the girls enjoyed away from home, where they are often used as home helps, and for the opportunity to clearly present the Gospel to them.
  • Give thanks for the successful Back to School programme. Over 400 youngsters between the three areas where we work have been helped with school uniform and equipment - and counselling and motivation to actually make that start back to school.
  • Pray for those youngsters as they set out on another year’s development in their lives. That they would choose the narrow way that leads to life and learn to reject the easy ways of the gangs and drug traffickers that lead to prison and death.
  • Pray for our Bible clubs and Youth groups as they start up again after the break for the school holidays. That we would faithfully teach the truth about Jesus, who is the Way, the Truth and the Life.