Educación Plus Prayer Pointers November

EPEducación Plus have sent us a prayer update for November.


We are approaching the busiest time of year, with School Graduations, finding Christmas Presents for nearly 350 kids and organizing Christmas Parties for over 400, along with Carol Singing in all three areas. These are followed by two one week Camps, for 120 kids, in January and then the Back to School programme where we help around 450 kids in February.


  • Please pray for the staff and the sustained energy and commitment levels required of them. For patience and love as we serve.
  • Also pray for the funds required for all these events. We’re still around £5,000 short for our January camps. God always provides but we often don’t know how until the last minute! So pray for our faith, too, please.
  • Please continue to pray against continued violence in the shanty towns, which always gets worse at Christmas. Some children came to the Bible club last week after 16 bullets were fired into their shack (a case of mistaken identity by drug traffickers).