Education Plus gives thanks

Keith and Joy Holder are currently in Costa Rica for a couple of months helping with the work of Ed Plus. They sent this answer to prayer from the most recent newsletter.

"I was having a "business lunch” in a restaurant with Juan Carlos shortly after arriving, and we were bringing each other up to date with what’s happening in Costa Rica – the EdPlus project, certain families and situations etc, and in the UK – fund raising, the Holders’ home church situation etc. I was sharing that I think God has something different planned because I can’t see the way forward with fundraising in the UK at the moment and it’s very frustrating. As we were talking, a message came through on JuanCa’s telephone. A church denomination in Canada have approved a grant to cover our salaries for next year. Wow!! God says in Isaiah 65v24: Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear, It happened exactly like that, while we were still speaking about it and even before we prayed (called) about it, God answered. By far the biggest donation we have ever received. The timing sends shivers down my spine as I think about it!"

Praise God!