Mission Update

Here is an update on three of the mission fields we are following, please remember these situations in your prayers.

Paul & Sarah Brown

Paul and Sarah released a prayer letter in March asking for prayers in a number of areas. However Annet has not had any personal communication since discussing our recent donations to them. We are concerned for Paul & Sarah as Thailand remains under military rule.

Centre Mokili

There was a message from Nono in Kisangani. This was a faint telephone message, medicines we sent in March have arrived. This is good news as this was the first time money was sent via Lloyds bank. However there currently seems to be no internet connection to the centre.

The political situation is very critical, currently the UN is scaling back operations in the Democratic Republic of Congo and there is fear for a general up-rise against the regime of Kabila.


Annet had a message from Cathy at Inter Health, a terrible cyclone has flattened Madagascar.  Cathy knows Martin and Annet have visited Madagascar with Charlene and know some peoplethere. A friend of Charlene's, called Hanta, has a husband called Nicolas and two girls Kezia and Enya. Hanta was one of the Malagasy street children Martin & Annet supported.