Gorse Hill Presents Banner to Naini Hospital

Our minister, Steve, with his wife, recently visited Naini Hospital in Uttar Pradesh, India, to find out how the hospital and The Leprosy Mission make an impact on the local community. The hospital plays a significant role in the health care of the largely rural population in the area and helps with reconstructive surgery after the devestating effects of leprosy and then helps re-integrate leprosy sufferers back into the community.

Steve and Christine presented the hospital with a banner made by Shirley to strengthen the links between GHBC and this hospital. The pictures below show the banner being presented to Dr Das, the Hospital Superintendant, in place on the chapel lecturn with Dr Ruby, who also translated for Steve in the third picture when he took devotions during one morning worship service.

To find out more about Naini Hospital and its work, take a look at our page for the hospital.