Naini Hospital 2015 update

Following the recent vist of Martin Pitman from the Leprosy Mission, he has sent us an update of the Leprosy Mission hospital, Naini, supported by GHBC.

The update can be read by downloading the attached document below. We were also supplied with a summary of the 2015 annual report for the hospital, which shows the scale of the important work that this hospital is doing in the area.

  People directly affected by leprosy Family members of people affected by leprosy Persons with disabilities
  Male Female Male Female Male Female
Child < 18yrs 247 130 1234 442 51 17
Adult 18- 59 yrs 1195 839 8826 4381 192 118
Adult >60yrs 298 148 619 367 151 64
Total 1740 1117 10679 5190 394 199

What needs are there for  future projects?


    • Dermatologist
    • Ophthalmologist
    • Specific FR staff and volunteers

Coordination & Partnership: How is the engagement of other organisations (e.g. government, NGOs and other stakeholders) in the implementation, management and monitoring of the project during the year working? 

Government/ NGOs and ILEP recognize TLM Naini for Referrals in, MCR and splint supply and training expertise

How well is the engagement of the local church working?

15-20 churches at Leprosy Sunday, weekly with Bible Seminary, theology students at social activity and training in the hospital.

Participation: How have you engaged the target population and the wider community in the implementation, management and monitoring of the project during the year? 

Mostly through awareness programs, feedback of Out Patient and In Patient users. Government meetings.

Capacity: Do you, or the implementing partner, have the right capacity in place to implement the remainder of the project?  If not, what else is needed?

Community services to be enhanced and Urban Leprosy Control/ awareness when a social worker is placed.

Sustainability: (i) What progress has been made during the year to ensure that the benefits of the project will be sustained after the project has ended? (ii) If the project has less than 2 years remaining, what progress has been made towards the project’s exit strategy? (iii) What progress has been made during the past year to encourage the local church to be involved in this project?

Training of Government staff; but being a tertiary service leprosy hospital in a neglected area of the country, demand will persist, since government services are inadequate.

Further Information:
Download this file (RC1411_Feedback_Naini_Aug 2015.pdf)RC1411_Feedback_Naini_Aug 2015.pdf[Naini Hospital Update]743 kB