Member Meeting 23rd May 2019

The members meet to discuss and decide the church's future actions and directions, it is important that church members attend in order to ensure everyone gets their say.

This meeting will follow up on the discussions of the recent deacons retreat and vote for the new team leader of CFC.

Agenda items can be added up to 6:30pm on the day of the meeting. Please contact Steve if you have a topic to discuss that is not shown below.

If you are interested in becoming a member, please speak to Steve.

Date:23rd May, Time: 7:30pm, Venue: Cricklade Hall

1. Devotions Steve
2. Minutes of previous meeting
January 2019 & April 2019 (AGM)
3. Encouragement /pastoral update All
4. Matters arising and not on this Agenda Steve
5. Mission and Ministry
   5.1 Pastor’s report Steve
   5.2 CFC Leadership changes: agree new leader Lars
   5.3 Library provision (for information only) Steve
6. Vision Update
   6.1 Feedback from Deacons away weekend Gary/Liz

The following meeting will be held on 27th June 2019.

Some of the documents for this meeting are restricted to members only. If you are a church member, please login to access them, contact the webmaster if you don't yet have your username.

Further Information:
Download this file (Members Meeting Minutes 31 01 19.pdf)Members Meeting Minutes 31 01 19.pdf[Member Meeting Minutes 31 Jan 2019]80 kB
Download this file (AGMMinutes250419.pdf)AGMMinutes250419.pdf[AGM MInutes 25 Apr 2019]77 kB
Download this file (201905MinistersReport.pdf)201905MinistersReport.pdf[Minister's Report]1315 kB
Download this file (sessionPresentation.pdf)sessionPresentation.pdf[Presentations used through the weekend]1096 kB
Download this file (Devotional-1Chronicles29.pdf)Devotional-1Chronicles29.pdf[Retreat devotions]106 kB
Download this file (AwayDayProgramApr2019.pdf)AwayDayProgramApr2019.pdf[Retreat Programme]197 kB