Connecting with GHBC

Sunday Gatherings

We are organising our Sunday meetings around the guidelines issues by the Government and by the Baptist Union. However we are in a fast moving and rapidly changing environment and we have to balance our desire to meet with the need to keep everyone safe. It’s important, to the Diaconate, to continue to support and lead the fellowship in the best way we can.

We are now back “live” in the building with singing allowed and no pre-booking necessary, we do have some guidelines in place to keep us all safe, see below for details. We will continue to broadcast live to Facebook.

If you have any concerns, then please get in touch with Steve or any of the Deacons.

Connecting to Sunday Gatherings

To get details to join our service on Zoom contact us here or leave a message on our Facebook page. Our Facebook page is open to all, just browse to our page at 10:30am each Sunday.


Now meets alongside the main church service, a creche will also be available.

Children and families

We’d like to invite you to join in a few of our activities. Contact us or find out more with the various links below. All kids activities and videos can be found on the links and sites below, use the app that suits you best.

@ghbcyouthworker on Instagram
@GorseHillBaptistChurch on Facebook
@JakeBarron on Facebook
Gorse Hill Baptist Church on YouTube
via this website

Jacob’s days off are normally Monday and Tuesday each week.

Supporting GHBC

JGButtonIf you’d like to support GHBC financially during lockdown but don’t have a standing order or direct payment set up – you can now do so through our Just Giving page.

Thank you for your support which enables GHBC to do so much. Steve and Lars are happy to help if you have any questions.

Self-isolating? Don’t be isolated!

Please don’t feel cut off and helpless in your home if you are self-isolating. We’ve set up a support group to help with shopping, fetching prescriptions, providing meals or just for a short, friendly chat. Please contact us if you either need, or can give, help.

Covid Precautions

If you are involved with a ministry within the Church that is still meeting or entering the premises (ie Bags of Hope, Tuesday Meals, AV, essential Maintenance, Admin or Finance) it is essential that we know if you have any contact with the virus. This helps us to prevent further spread and to keep our teams safe.

As such, if you:

  • Test positive for Covid-19
  • Develop symptoms of Covid-19 (temperature, new cough, shortness of breath, loss of taste or smell)
  • Live with someone who tests positive or develops the symptoms
  • Are contacted by NHS test and Trace and instructed to self-isolate

Please let us know as soon as possible.

If NHS track and Trace ask you for contact details for GHBC, please give them our phone number.

We will continue with the following precautions for the time being

  • Please follow the Stewards’ instructions at all times. They will be responsible for guiding you to your seats and inviting you to leave in turn.
  • Masks should be worn (unless you are exempt) when you enter the building, when you’re moving around and when you’re singing. If you like you can remove your mask when seated.
  • Please continue to use gel on your hands as you enter the building. There will also be hand gel inside the sanctuary for you to use before moving around.
  • We will ensure that the building is ventilated with a through flow of air
  • As you move around the building, please respect the wishes and personal space of others. Not everyone will welcome close contact.
  • We will also be taking a photograph of the seating arrangements just before we begin each service instead of completing a seating plan. All this information will be stored safely and securely in line with our GDPR and other policies.
  • When communion is served, this will involve bread and wine being given to you together by Steve or a Steward. We will take care in preparing the bread and wine.
  • To support a variety of needs in our fellowship, we are dividing the seating into 3 Zones
    • Right hand aisle (Beatrice Street side) – Socially distanced seating as now
    • Middle section – general seating (socially distanced where possible unless numbers dictate otherwise)
    • Left hand aisle (entry door/lobby side) – Families & Young people