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About us

Gorse Hill Baptist Church offers a variety of meeting facilities that can suit almost all needs, with facilities available for hire at modest rates. We are situated on Cricklade Road, just one mile from the centre of Swindon. We offer on-site parking for up to 16 cars, with further free public parking within easy reach. Our rooms range in capacity from 12 to 220. Whether you are looking to host a large meeting or simply hold a committee meeting, we have the right size of room to suit your requirements. The original church sanctuary, built in the early 1900s and subsequently modernised, is suitable for larger gatherings. It includes sound amplification systems and computer projection. The new building, completed in 2000, is on two floors. The layout has been designed with disabled access in mind. The ground floor comprises the three largest rooms together with kitchen and toilet facilities (including disabled). On the first floor there are three further meeting rooms, a lounge, toilets and kitchenette. Access to the first floor is via stairs.

Your Questions Answered

What facilities are available for hire?
This brochure shows the various rooms and the facilities we offer.
Where are you? Gorse Hill Baptist Church, Cricklade Road, Gorse Hill, Swindon, Wilts SN2 1AA.
What will it cost?
The Standard Hire Rates are given below for both Commercial and Community Hire.
Can I prepare, cook or serve food on the premises?
The new building has kitchen facilities and may be used for the preparation and service of food. Food may not be served in the main Church Sanctuary.
Must I be a church member to hire the halls?
Are the halls only available for church-style activities? No. The halls are available to individuals and other organisations and may be used for a variety of purposes. However, as a church, there are some activities that we do not support and reserve the right to refuse bookings.

The Accommodation

Ground Floor

The Church Sanctuary - The main church sanctuary can seat up to 220 in a traditional setting with bench pews. This room includes sound amplification using stand microphones or necktie radio microphones as well as powerpoint projection equipment.

Cricklade Hall - This is our second largest room, measuring approximately 12 metres by 8 metres. It can seat up to 100 in theatre style or 90 at tables and has direct access to the kitchen.

Bright Room – entrance lobby.

Whiteman Room - This is the smallest room on the ground floor, measuring approximately 10.5 metres by 5 metres. It can seat up to 48.

Hinton Room – a very small room only suitable for one to one meetings

Main Kitchen - The large main kitchen on the ground floor has cooking equipment.

First Floor

Access to the first floor is via stairs.

Handel, Caulfield, and Beatrice Rooms - These three smaller rooms each measure approximately 5.5 metres by 5 metres and can accommodate up to 22 people (Handel) or 24 people (Caulfield, Beatrice).
Florence Room - This is our lounge facility, which offers a seating capacity of up to 20 people in a more informal setting.

Handel and Cauldfield have a removable divider allowing both rooms to be combined into one larger room. They may be hired individually or as one room.

Kitchenette - Beverages may be prepared in the first floor kitchenette.

Hire Rates

Room  Community Rate 
Church Sanctuary £20
Cricklade Hall £15
Bright Room
(if hired on its own)
Whiteman Room £8
Hinton Room £3
Handel & Cauldfield £8
Handel Room £5
Caulfield Room £5
Beatrice Room £5
Florence Room £5
Main Kitchen
(if hired for food prep
with another room)
Computer projection
(by prior agreement)
(by prior agreement)
5p/A4 side
  • All rates are per hour unless otherwise stated.
  • The above rates are as at 1 April 2011.
  • The church reserves the right to review the rates from time to time, normally 1 April. If in doubt, check the current rates with the Lettings Coordinator before making your booking.
  • Bookings are subject to a deposit of £50.
  • The rates shown are for “Community” use applying to registered charities (charity number must be provided), voluntary organisations ie not for profit, other churches and associated organisations, and members of the local community. Business may also hire our premises but are subject to different rates, please contact us for more information.
  • The booking period includes setting up and setting down time. The Church reserves the right to charge the appropriate hourly rate plus 10% for any bookings that commences prior to or exceeds the booked time, as this may cause inconvenience to other users. Only those rooms hired are to be used.
  • Bright Room – is an entrance lobby area mainly for Cricklade Hall. It would normally provide a means of access to another area but can be hired on its own.
  • Main Kitchen - The standard room rates include access to and use of the kitchen, when available, for making drinks. If food is to be prepared which requires use of the oven, then the kitchen must be hired, but this does not necessarily give exclusive use and the User must allow other parties reasonable limited use.
  • Photocopier / phone - It is not permitted to use the photocopier or phone (except in an emergency) without the prior written agreement of the Lettings Coordinator. If it is agreed that the photocopier may be used then the appropriate rates above shall be paid for all copies made which shall be reported by the Hirer / User to the Lettings Coordinator.

Further Information


  • Maintaining security of the building at all times is very important and we would ask for your care and attention to ensure this is achieved.
  • Access to the building is from the rear car park through the steel gates and glazed wooden door.
  • The key is electronic in the form of a “fob” and is simply placed on a metal plate adjacent to the gate or door. This will operate a magnetic lock, which will permit entry. Each key is individually programmed with a unique number which can be cancelled.
  • In the event of loss or theft of a key fob please let the Lettings Coordinator know as soon as possible. The key fob can then be de-activated.
  • There are press button switches inside both the steel gate and the glazed wooden door. This allows them to be opened from the inside. The release button for the glazed wooden door is a white button to left of door and for the steel gate, is behind a wooden box to the right as facing the gate, having exited the church. Use of this button will prevent anyone getting stuck between the doors.
  • All other external doors can be opened from the inside by turning a handle or sliding a bolt except for the entrance door adjacent to the church sanctuary which is key operated and this key is stored securely.
  • The door into the church sanctuary is also locked and access to the key can be given if the sanctuary is being hired. Please ask the Lettings Coordinator prior to the event.


  • In the Church Sanctuary heating is provided by a gas boiler and radiators which has to be pre programmed.
  • In the Halls heating is provided by electrical elements buried in the concrete floors and in some of the ceilings. It is important that nothing is ever pinned to the ceilings in any part of the building as this could damage the elements. The elements charge up during the night and release heat during the day.
  • The system is set to operate during colder months and is turned off in warmer months by the church.
  • If, on entering a room, you find it too cool, you can “top up” the heat but only if the system is operational. To “top up” each room (excluding the toilets and the Cricklade Hall) has a wall-mounted red push button, which, when pressed, will give two hours of additional heat. When operated, a small red indicator light can be seen. If longer periods are required, simply press the button again, after the original two hours has elapsed.
  • The Cricklade Room can have additional heating, but this must be arranged in advance with the Lettings Coordinator.

Fire Precautions

  • The entire building is fitted with an integral fire alarm, which is controlled from a panel in the lobby next to the stairs.
  • The entire building is a NO SMOKING area and each room is equipped with smoke sensors, except for the two kitchens, which have heat sensors.
  • The building has emergency lighting and illuminated signs, which will automatically operate in the event of a power-supply failure.
  • Notices are attached to the inside of each door indicating your means of escape and what to do in the event of fire.


  • Cupboards - Please do not open cupboards or use the contents of cupboards unless they belong to you, apart from those cupboards where chairs and tables are stored. Items may only be stored in the building by prior agreement with Lettings Coordinator but storage space is very limited.
  • Hard balls - Please do not use hard balls anywhere in the buildings as they can easily damage ceilings, walls and windows. Only soft balls may be used.
  • Fault reporting - We have a fault reporting system so that all building problems can be logged so that we can fix them efficiently and quickly. If you find a building problem then if you go to the church office there is a bright pink folder where reporting forms and full details are kept or you can contact the Lettings Coordinator.

First Aid Box & Accident Book

Are to be found in the office.

Booking Form

Details of hirer
Details of User
Details of booking

Rooms Requested

Indicate the rooms you require



Booking is not complete until receipt of the deposit and aggreement from our Lettings Coordinator.