Time to pray

…though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls, yet I will rejoice in the Lord, I will be joyful in God my Saviour (Habakkuk 3: 17 – 18)

cross in prayerWhatever practical responses we may make to improve our lot in troubled or uncertain times, let us not forget the importance of involving God. This is the necessity of prayer.

As we pray this weekend, let us focus on 3 important areas. Let’s intercede (ask God) for particular needs but let’s not forget to thank God for the blessings we have now and the blessing of heard – and answered - prayer.

1.       Jesus brings a peace and contentment that the world cannot give (John 14:27). Pray for those persecuted for their faith. Pray for those who are concerned about their homes, their jobs and their families at this time of crisis. Pray for those for whom anxiety and fear are ever present concerns.

2.       Jesus calls us to bring our burdens to Him (Matthew 13: 28 – 30). What weighs heavy on your heart today? What have you seen or heard in someone else that saddens you?  Bring your concerns for others and for yourself to Jesus: remember that we can bring the burden of hurts and unforgiveness to the cross and find release. Take the opportunity to pray for forgiveness and for God’s guidance on how you can restore and grow in broken relationships.

3.       Jesus invites the little ones to come to Him (Luke 9: 46 – 48). How can we reach those around us with the love of Jesus? How can we encourage the children and new believers in our fellowship? Pray for your neighbours, friends and family and consider the ways in which you can show love to them, as you serve Jesus. You too are a “little one” in God’s eyes: a precious child, a beautiful creation in His image – hold on to that when all other foundations fail.

Give thanks that “…the Sovereign Lord is my strength …. He enables me to go on the heights. (Habakkuk 3:19)