Daily Reflections

Heaven is never silent

waitingWaiting is never easy, especially when we do not know what the eventual outcome will be. We may assume that it's all over - finished, done, complete - but our experience tells us that is often not true. The next steps we expect may not be what actually happens as events roll on and as people respond in ways we cannot predict. 

We wait now for Corvid19 to end and for life to begin to be "normal" again. It won't be the old "normal" as we will have the opportunity of writing a new chapter in human history. There is nothing "normal" about our times but, then again, there's nothing "normal" about Easter. Then, as now, there would be a new start: now, as then, we have to embrace it to realise the opportunities it brings for a new way of living.

Please read Hebrews 9: 11 – 14; 24 – 27 Did the priests and the Romans think that it was now all over, as Jesus the troublesome preacher and self proclaimed Messiah, had been disposed of? Our reading today reminds us that the shedding of blood was crucial to dealing with sin – the problem was, until Jesus died, it was not effective because it had to be repeated time and again.

Thought for today We cannot exclude or ignore the impact that the blood of Christ brings to the story of salvation. It is His shed blood that cleanses us and sets us free to serve God. Prepare for tomorrow (Easter) today by    confessing your sins and bringing your witness to Christ “under the blood” – in other words, ask him to clean you up, forgive you and renew your spiritual life.