Shining bright

"...I am the light of the world." (John 8:12)

At 7 pm yesterday evening, we were asked to place a lighted candle in the front window of our homes. It was - and remains - an act of solidarity at a time when it would be so easy to restrict our horizons to the narrow confines of daily routines in locked down homes.

Light is a powerful theme or image that occurs throughout the bible. God's first words "Let there be light " (Genesis 1:3), sets the scene for what will follow.

At times we read that darkness is pushing in .... yet, we like Isaiah's people of old, can see the great light that represents the presence of God in our world and in our lives (Isaiah 9:2).

When we light a candle in this way, we're saying that we are committed to living in the light. The candle itself may not change anything but the action of lighting say we're here, God 's here and we want to get involved. The darkness of anxiety, uncertainty and yes, fear, may threaten to overwhelm us but the light of Christ changes everything.

A lit candle brings a sense of serenity, especially when all the other lights in the room are extinguished. It's a different kind of light, one that we rarely see, just about bright enough to read by and one which brings a weary face back to life again.

A small flame but one that can have a big influence.

Let's pray today for all those who are on the front line and whose light is shining. Pray for those you know by name, pray for those who no-one else will pray for. They are known to God as they are serving us all.

Our light too will shine in this present darkness. We can serve and support others. We can pray. We can make good use of the internet and talk face to face.

Whatever it is, however restricted you are by choice or by compulsion, make the most of your circumstances. God is with you, here, and now.

Yours in Christ Jesus