Trusting God

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him, and he will make your paths straight (Proverbs 3: 5 - 6)

The book of Proverbs is full of good common sense – which can often be in short supply. Written in short, punchy phrases the words are a spiritual goldmine with many precious directions to seek God and live out our faith.

Trust is very ephemeral. It is hard to gain and easy to break. The world weary cynic is more inclined to question than to accept the advice or guidance of others, even when it comes from an unimpeachable source.

TrustI can understand this, up to a point: fake news means that it is hard to separate the truth from fiction – remembering that it is truth which forms the foundation of trust. With the information overload that is the world wide web, fiction becomes “truth” much easier than we think. Even if we know something to be right, being bombarded by an opposing point of view can lead us to doubt even that which we “know” to be true and worthy of our trust.

The Bible reminds us (Luke 16:10) that our faith in God and our faithfulness to His commands, promotes and brings greater responsibility. God challenges our motivation, such that we are totally and absolutely focussed on pleasing Him and not on satisfying our own desires.

Offering “all,” as we are invited to do in these verses is never the easy option. All your heart and all your ways means exactly that: no room for any other response if we want to walk the straight road. It’s harder still to do that when the very foundations of life are being shaken, as they are now, when we have much less opportunity – and, inevitably less ability - to influence or control events. Yet it’s not an unattainable goal nor is it the preserve of some kind of religious “elite.”

Our understanding of events and circumstances will often have some kind of inbuilt bias, however unconscious that might be. Trusting in God means that we see more clearly and therefore understand more deeply: where our take on things falters, God’s perspective on them is total.

Put your trust in God today. Take time to stop, to pray, to listen, to receive. Be ready to follow that straight path in His call for you today whatever that may mean. Don’t forget others – trust in God so much that you want to continue sharing your faith with others in acts of simple kindness and the warmth of a voice on the end of a phone.