Kidzone runs on a Sunday morning during the morning service. After spending some time sharing worship with the adults, the children go into their own fun-filled sessions.

We currently have three classes, 3-6 years, 7-11 years and 11-16 years of age. Our teachers are all DBS checked, and have a wide range of experience of working with children.

Typical sessions include stories, songs, games, crafts, prayers and memory verses.

Why not come and join us for one of our fun sessions and find out what Kidzone is all about?

Saul's change of view

Today we talked about Saul and his amazing change of heart. He started out knowing about God but not accepting that Jesus was who he said he was- after a blinding transformation, he could see the truth about Jesus, and set out to tell the world about him. Our kaleidoscopes demonstrated what it was like- to begin with we just saw little pieces but when we looked through the end we saw a beautiful picture. Saul started out seeing parts of God, but after he met Jesus, he saw the whole picture, and was amazed! Have you put together all the pieces that make up God's picture yet?

It's magic!

we had lots of fun trying to do magic tricks this week! But then we talked about how Simon the Sorcerors Magic was different to the Holy Spirit's power that was given to the disciples- and to us!!! Hooray!!!

all age service

What a great service this morning- are you going to take up God's invitation to his party in heaven?

Excitement planned for next week

we had a great morning this week, planning for next sunday( don't worry - no gunge this time!!!) I bet you can't wait to see what we have up our sleeves!!!


congratulations to all those who were baptised yesterday! We will pray for you all to feel God close to you!

well done to all of you for such a triumphal parade into ' Jerusalem' and a special thanks to our ' donkey'