Kidzone runs on a Sunday morning during the morning service. After spending some time sharing worship with the adults, the children go into their own fun-filled sessions.

We currently have three classes, 3-6 years, 7-11 years and 11-16 years of age. Our teachers are all DBS checked, and have a wide range of experience of working with children.

Typical sessions include stories, songs, games, crafts, prayers and memory verses.

Why not come and join us for one of our fun sessions and find out what Kidzone is all about?

15 Nov

We have spent the last few weeks looking at the bible heroes Elijah and Elisha. With God's power, they performed amazing miracles- stopping the weather, bringing people back to life, floating axe heads, feeding families and frightening armies! What an amazing couple of men, with a powerful God! We learnt through floating and sinking, playing in tents, and having feasts! Why not come and play?

14th June

We had so much fun acting out Jesus walking on the water, using the parachute. It was a bit tricky walking across a very wavy sea!

7th June

We all shared a meal of tuna sandwiches to remember the feeding of the 5000.