Kidzone runs on a Sunday morning during the morning service. After spending some time sharing worship with the adults, the children go into their own fun-filled sessions.

We currently have three classes, 3-6 years, 7-11 years and 11-16 years of age. Our teachers are all DBS checked, and have a wide range of experience of working with children.

Typical sessions include stories, songs, games, crafts, prayers and memory verses.

Why not come and join us for one of our fun sessions and find out what Kidzone is all about?

Mother's Day fun

well done everyone for your hard work on our Mother's Day service- I think everyone really enjoyed it!(well maybe not Heather and Mark, but we enjoyed watching) 

happy Mother's Day to all our wonderful ladies out there! 

Mother's Day

we had lots of fun planning the first part of the service for next week. With it being Mother's Day, it seemed ideal for the children to lead the service. Watch out for some SUPER fun- and don't forget to learn your words!!!!

I am the vine

We had lots of fun yesterday talking about trees and plants. We discussed how a cut flower soon died, but if we leave it in the ground it flowers for a long time. It is like this with Jesus. We need to keep close to him to find out what God wants us to know about him. To help us remember we planted some flowers. We will have to look after them carefully so they grow big and strong- I am looking forward to seeing the blooms!

Make a joyful noise

Today we have been learning about the psalms with the help of our 'what's in the bible' puppets! The younger group made instruments to use with our singing and dancing- we were eager to tell Jesus how amazing He is! The older group tried to make things to fit the images in the 23rd psalm. A variety of ways were used including playdoh, Lego and illustrations! Just think of all the ways we can show God we love him!

Jesus said 'I am...'

We have been having great fun this January looking at  the ' I am ' statements in the bible. 

The first week Jesus said ' I am the gate' , so we had great fun being the door to the tent, and trying to guess what secret we needed to get in( we needed to be friends with Jesus) 

The second lesson was about Jesus being the good shepherd, when we made popcorn and grape sheep.

last week we all celebrated with Mary, Martha and Jesus, when Lazarus came back to life , and Jesus told us ' I am the resurrection and the life'( and many crispy cakes were made and eaten) 



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