Did you find it?

I admit it, I don’t like shopping.

looking for 2What with the queues and the cost, the making-up-of -your-mind and endless trailing round shops with blaring music to find the “right” thing for the lowest price. Then, there’s the questions: “… what does it look like” and knowing that answering “a dress” just won’t suffice, even if it’s actually true. [Of course, any other answer needs my legal people and they are never there when you need them].

All in all, shopping isn’t exactly at the top of my to do list. In fact, it’s more like a raid into enemy territory. 

There are some purchases even I can’t avoid and, despite the advent of online shopping, there’s stuff I need to see, assess, weigh up or measure before I part with the readies. At a local outlet of a well known DIY emporium, I had found just what I needed (no,  Stephen said a saner voice  you don’t need that second sledgehammer - where will you put it?”) and was about to go through the agony of payment. The cashier, who presumably was repeating her standardised company mantra asked me “did you find everything you needed in Nails R Us today?” (Note: other emporia are also vailable). 

I exercised a degree of verbal self control, tempting as it might have been to say “no I didn’t find a pasty, a cricket bat nor an answer to the meaning of life.” Common decency, politeness and the sledgehammer conversation made me realise I was on shaky ground. I must admit, though, it made me think.

I may have found the drill bit I needed but how prepared am I to ask the tough questions of myself? How ready am I to continually re-evaluate my goals and expectations in light of Christ’s leading?

I’m not with U2 on this one, I have found what I’m looking for but I know there’s more to come: it’s just a matter of being ready to pay the price.

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