Who are you cheering for?

“We desperately need good role models today - not superficial superstars but authentic heroes, people worthy of following. People of integrity who inspire us to do better, climb higher and stand taller.”

By the time you read this, the Winter Olympics will have begun. Diehard fans will soon be celebrating marvellous victories against the odds or reflecting ruefully on what might have been. Sports stars like other famous celebrities, have become the heroes and role models for many of our generation, with fans and followers alike aspiring to the lifestyle of their favourites.

Regardless of their skill with a ball or their looks on a magazine cover, today’s heroes are ordinary people like you and I - many don’t seek or even want hero status with all the responsibility that it brings.


Integrity is not confined to the movers and shakers of this world but is something we might all aspire to. And, if we are unsure what “integrity” really means, I suppose it can be considered in this way: each one of us has the ability and opportunity to be a good example to others in one aspect or another of our lives. It may be as parents towards our children and grandchildren, it may be as an employee towards the other people in your workplace or, it might be your attitude as an employer towards your staff

Put simply it’s a question of character: living like you mean it.

Christians have their own role model. To follow and to serve Jesus fully and wholeheartedly is to serve him with integrity. In the Bible Philippians chapter 2 reminds us: Your attitude should be the same as that of Christ Jesus. (who) made himself nothing taking the very nature of a servant.

It takes a lot to really serve others because that will involve more than offering money or time; it demands that we give ourselves. We are often reluctant, though, to take any step that moves beyond the superficial engagements of daily life.

The bible account of Jesus’ life reminds us how much He gave and, in light of that, how much we tend to keep back. If we were to follow Jesus with all the enthusiasm and dedication we extend towards our favourite team, if we were to shout as loudly for him as we will for the competitors this winter, just think how different life in Swindon might be.

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