It's your call

When you leave the building what do you take with you?

Railway track
I’m not talking umbrellas on rainy days here nor smart suits for job interviews. It’s more of an attitude thing: what are we like and what values do we take into everyday life?

Leaving a building is more than simply going out the door. It’s a step into a different world often far removed from our place of safety (home or church). We may be going out like lambs amongst wolves (Luke 10:3) but, whatever the circumstances, it will mean that our values will be on the line if we are to remain true to ourselves.

Walking out into the fog is not for the faint hearted. The path beneath us can be tricky and the way ahead unclear. danger may lurk just around the bend or, is it coming up behind us?

We choose what we take or rather, as Christians, we choose who we take. We cannot begin to make Christ known unless we know Him for ourselves. The choice on who we take with us, begins with the decision over who we will commit to following.

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