Hopes and Dreams

I am not what I ought to be 
I am not what I would like to be
I am not what I hope to be

If you were to take an honest and frank look at your life today, what would you find? Unrealised dreams? Unexpected shortcomings? Unresolved conflicts? Or, indescribable blessings and unlimited opportunities?

The words of Paul which we often read when we share bread and wine, remind us that we are called to examine ourselves - that is our attitudes and our actions - before God (1 Corinthians 11:28). But, this examination is little more than an exercise in self indulgence unless we commit ourselves to doing something about what God reveals to us and to expressing this within the context of our Christian fellowship.

Looking at ourselves carefully can be an uncomfortable exercise: in doing so we will discover things that we would want to deny or would rather keep hidden. The same is also true when we come to look at the church - not "ours" - but God's church wherever it might be and where we know as “home.”

There are always areas where, with the benefit of God’s eyes and guidance, there is room for us to grow. With rapid and far reaching change, not just in the outside world but in the church as well, in what ways might we express or consider this growth? At such a time as this, keeping close to God is vital and prayer is an essential and vital way of doing just that.

The words of John Newton with which I began this letter, continue in this way:

 But I am not what I once was
 And by the grace of God
 I am what I am. 

God's power to change us and to transform His church is undeniable. Let us trust him to continue His work of remaking us and let us pray for His strength to meet the tasks He has for each one of us.

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