Your life on God's line

White line fever. Have you caught it too?

When many sportsmen and women step across the line and onto the field of play, they become seriously competitive people. Most successful players have some form of this fever: the fact is, they have the will to win, the means to accomplish it and are single minded in their aim to achieve it.

The gospel invites us to step across the line on a daily basis. We leave the comfort and security of our church community behind and step into what can often appear to be a completely different world. Gone are the prayers, the songs, the quiche and the coffee: it’s now or never – bring it on, real world!

The opportunities for engagement are always there, because we are surrounded by people who want to tell us things, ask us stuff, inviting us to share in their lives, hopes and dreams. The biggest challenge comes when we’d rather be spectators sitting in the stands, looking on at the field of play, than crossing that white line ourselves.

What will it take to get us going? Taking a leaf from Nehemiah’s book gives us a couple of pointers – we will only rebuild broken lives when:

  • we're concerned about the ruins we see
  • we’re ready to involve God to find the guidance (and confidence) we need

On a practical level this has significant implications for us as individuals and as a church fellowship. We have the means to transform our communities but do we have the will and the single minded focus to support it and achieve God’s goals?

It’s a question that we can only answer as we consider our own response to Christ. Prayer, worship, good teaching and relevant activities are all important – but none of them are any substitute for a transformed life that develops a committed heart.

As we move into 2017 let’s keep our eyes fixed on Christ, willing to serve and to follow wherever and however He may lead & call us.

I press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of me (Phil. 3:12)

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