Hodiddodd revealed

Congratulations to Val Bird of GHBC who has correctly identified what a Hoddidodd is (picture below)
The prize has yet to be claimed as Val's guess for beever was wide of the mark. I'll make it a bit easier: the Fen equivalent of beever (often pronounced "bavour") is docky.  Google is not your friend here - docky has nothing to do with Linux, dock leaves or a place where ships sail from. Knowing what a hoddidodd is may be a bit of a red herring .....


#1 Trevor 2016-10-09 19:24
My instinctive answer, given the first reveal, might have been "for tea" (as in "crumpets for tea" etc.) But a bit of research shows docky (at least) as meaning anything from a snack to a mid-morning break to lunch (as per the ‘docky bag’ located in the Fens and Folklore room of the Museum of Cambridge). Or even tea?? (as in the Docky Box Tearoom, South Cambs.) But on the basis of the Fens room Docky Bag, and as you say docky is the Fen equivalent of beever, I can only assume "beever" is a snack meal somewhere ranging between mid-morning and what we think of (in the uncultured West) as lunchtime. Is that good enough? However, I suspect it would take a rather starving Fen field worker to start eating Hoddidodds for Beever... unless he/she has a frying pan and fire to hand and plenty of seasoning (and a winkle picker)!

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