Encountering Christ

Where do we encounter Christ? Who or what helps us in that exploration? How does an encounter with Christ put discipleship into perspective?

We are not the blessing - Christ is. What does a "church" look like which recognises this?

Never once did Jesus scan the living room for the best example of holy living and send that person out to tell others about him. He always sent stumblers and sinners. I find that comforting: God has always used imperfect people. 

God works on us such that we are humble recipients and generous givers of grace.

No one gets to play Jesus but we do get to experience Jesus in the holy place where we meet others' needs and have our needs met.

Discipleship isn't just what Jesus to us, it's also what He takes away. 

Healing is never accomplished until there is restoration and welcome into the community of faith. 

God loves us now even when we have dirty feet.

Good Friday is not about us getting right or even trying to get right with God. Good Friday is where we find God, it is about our entering the difference between God and humanity and touching it ....(even) for a moment.

I come to church with my churning gut and I hear that I am forgiven and I again hear of a God who climbs down from heaven to enter the pain and beauty of humanity. 

On Good Friday we meet at a place where there's been violence and lay flowers that have been blessed in church and laid at the foot of the cross. This is a sign of peace and a blessing to the community. Take the holy things of the cross onto the holy streets of the city - the violence and despair of Good Friday is still a human reality.. 

Gather a group of people together to share a simple meal and to pray. Talk about your lives and what is happening in the world. Be yourself. Extend grace

Thoughts taken from Nadia Boltz-Weber, Accidental Saints: Finding God In All The Wrong People, Canterbury Press, Norwich, 2015

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