Thy Kingdom Come

Is a national week of prayer and the churches of Swindon are taking part. You can support our churches by joining the payer meetings which are happening across Swindon at different times each day, either in person or on Zoom. The full schedule is set out below.

Church Transistion Pack

As GHBC prepares for interregnum and starts its search for a new full time minister, we have to prepare a number of documents. These are to tell prospective ministers about the church, who we are, what we do, and about the type of person we are looking for.

The church will have a say in what these documents contain. This article references these documents as they exist at present. If you have any comments about any of them please get in touch, don't forget to include your contact details so we can contact you with any questions we may have about your comment.

Member Meeting 19th May

The members meet to discuss and decide the church's future actions and directions, it is important that church members attend in order to ensure everyone gets their say. The meeting will be online, but everyone is encouraged to attend in person if possible.

This meeting will be looking at the Jubilee event and the start of interregnum and will be chaired by Steve for part of the meeting and by our moderator for the remaining time.

A beacon of hope - Vision Update from Steve

Our meetings have been limited recently, however the work of Steve, Jacob and the Deacons to develop and shape our church for the future goes on. Steve has produced a new Vision Update newsletter for us, explaining recent changes in the way we are organised and encouraging us to put our trust in God.

Further Information:
Download this file (202012VisionUpdate.pdf)202012VisionUpdate.pdf[Vision Update]397 kB

GHBC wins £5,000 award

We were recently awarded £5,000 toward our Bags of Hope project by the Wiltshire Community Foundation to help us continue our work. With closures and redundancies announced across Swindon, Bags of Hope is set to become an important link in the ideas we have to help the needs of our community.

If you can help in anyway, or you you could use a bag of food, do contact Heather and the team.

See what Swindon Advertiser had to say about our Bags of Hope.