All Toilets Twinned

The Badminton/Table tennis group have now twinned the last of our church toilets with a latrine in Nepal. This means that all toilets at church are now twinned with other toilets around the world and are helping to provide clean water, decent sanitation and hygiene education to hundreds of people. For just £60.00 you could twin your toilet(s) at home and provide one in a country where they have no such facilities. More info from Dave B, or from here.

Member Meeting 22nd June 2017

The members meet to discuss and decide the church's future actions and directions, it is important that church members attend in order to ensure everyone gets their say.

This meeting will review plans for our Summer Festival and Holiday @ Home events and open discussions on our christmas project and possible support for a Chaplaincy in the High Street.

Centre Mokili Update

Martin and Annet recently heard from John Mokili, who is based in the USA and helps support Centre Mokili. John reports that the water pump purchased by his home church has been stuck in Kinshasa since August and they still seek a way to get it shipped on to Kisangani. In addition the DRC water company, Regideso, is not helping with the water situation. However even if the pump arrived, funds are required to help install plumbing, an electricity supply and a generator, the latter being required as the electricity supply can be intermittent.

Please pray that the required funds will be found.