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Christmas Project 2019

YouniteThis year's GHBC Christmas Project is raising money for a safer school environment at the Melon Mission School in Kenya through the Younite Foundation, which passes 100% of funds raised to its supported projects. This school gives the poorest children in its locallity a real opportunity to work through the effects of poverty and have a real chance in later life.

Fun Day 2019 - Revisited

We were asked to show you some of the pictures taken by our official photographer, and as the 30degree heat of that day fades into the past it is time to bring them out. We hope you enjoy them as much as we have and that they remind you of the fun we can have, together, as a community.

Developing our Mission

One of our members has written a thought provoking booklet and a summary leaflet to help us think how we might develop church groups for those who are not used to coming into church, people who might find it all a bit daunting. Definitely worth a read.

Note these documents are formated for A5 paper, when printing on A4, take the chance to use less paper by selecting the 'Booklet' button when selecting your print options.

Further Information:
Download this file (GHBCchurchForUnchurched.pdf)GHBCchurchForUnchurched.pdf[Church for the unchurched leaflet]295 kB
Download this file (GHBCChurchforUnchurchedbooklet.pdf)GHBCChurchforUnchurchedbooklet.pdf[Church for the unchurched booklet]992 kB

Paul & Sarah update

Paul & Sarah Brown have updated their blog, after a long break, they outline plans for their future as well as a number of prayer pointers. Please take time to read the blog and remember them in your prayers.

More updates about our supported missions and societies can be found from our Mission Page.